LDV V80 Roof Racks


Our Commercial-Max and Trade-Max products are available for fitting on the LDV V80 van. The Commercial-Max model offers durability and flexibility for work or recreational use while the Trade-Max provides a versatile, low profile roof bar solution that is capable of carrying heavy loads.

The Commercial-Max roof rack is manufactured from 22 mm square tube steel, powder coated in satin black and fitted using mounts designed and manufactured by Tradesman. We use quality materials and advanced welding techniques along with strict quality control processes to ensure that our roof racks are capable of withstanding years of hard work.

The roof rack can be customised to your needs by adding extra height to the sides, building it as a flat deck only, including a mesh floor or adding accessories for carrying equipment or tools. Some of the accessories available are:

  • ladder rollers or slides
  • conduit carriers
  • lighting mounts
  • anchor points.

The Trade-Max roof bars fit using mounts designed by Tradesman to spread the weight over the roof of the vehicle. The positioning of the bars can be tailored to your needs and accessories such as anchor points and light fittings can be fitted if required.

Standard specification roof racks can be manufactured in 5 days and custom built items take about 10 days from order to dispatch.